Online Tools Atlanta Restaurants Need

5 Online Tools Atlanta Restaurants Need

With the way the world is progressing, soon everyone will be ordering online and getting food on the go to save time! There are certain ways that restaurants in Atlanta can take advantage of this new digital age. Although, you might need a few important tools to accomplish the task! For that reason we have made a list of 5 Online Tools Atlanta Restaurants Need to start using today!

Tools To Help In the Digital Age

There are many tools online to help combat the digital age as a small business. Unfortauntely, most of them will happily take your money with little usefulness in return. You have to be extremely careful as a small business and make sure every dollar counts. That or you will quickly be spending more than you are making.

Therefore, we went ahead and comprised a list of 5 tools that won’t break the bank, but will still give you a lot in value. The best thing about these tools is that most of them are well, free! Nothing is better than free right? Lets dive into the first tool we think every independent restaurant should be using right now, Canva.

Canva Stock Material

If you have ever had trouble finding photos or marketing material, Canva is the site for you.

Not only does Canva have thousands of stock photos you can choose from, but it has things like preset menus and preset marketing materials. If you are trying to update your specials list daily and make it professional looking at the same time with a neat format, you can do it easily all on Canva. Better yet, you really do not have to do any designing either, just select a preset design.

You can also find plenty of preset sales material, additional marketing materials, flyers, and more! The beautiful thing about Canva is most of the stuff on it is completely free and using the platform is free as well. There are certain photos and preset marketing materials that do cost something, but that something is only $1. You heard that right, just about everything on the site that you could want is at most $1. Obviously you could use multiple $1 photos, but that is a very low price for professional stock material.

I highly recommend making a free account and just looking at everything it has to offer. It costs you nothing, and you could end up finding your next marketing email or flyer on there saving you hours of design and costly edits.

MailChimp Email Marketing

MailChimp is a must for anyone looking to build an email list for their restaurant.

This tool is a great platform that not only collects emails from your website but runs analytics on every email you send out as well. You can see how many people open your email, how many people click on your links, and how many people join your email listing everyday. It is great to track the progress of your email marketing campaigns and if they are successful or not.

Additionally, there are some great tools on this platform to build out the perfect email for your business. You can simply add links, set timers, manage the content, set up automated responses, add graphics or images, and more! It really is the best platform for independent restaurants to start their email marketing campaign.

MailChimp is also free to start! Until you get thousands of emails on your database, you don’t have to pay a thing! Even once you get up to 10,000 emails on your database, the monthly fee is still quite low and you can send as many emails as you want. I recommend giving it a try and start building your email list today before you lose any more marketing advantages!

Google Analytics

If you know anything about websites, then you know they can be a pain. It is extremely hard to gauge your websites impact, manage backlinks, or track your progress.

With Google Analytics this is all easy! You can not only help your website rank for certain terms, but track you views, clicks, and interactions on your site. Have you ever wanted to know where most of the people viewing your website live? Well, now you can with Google Analytics tool simply and figure out where your reach is the strongest.

Websites are one of the hardest things to nail down, but if you do it right you can profit immensely. Especially if you can work your way up to ranking for common key phrases like “food near me” or ” best restaurants in this city”. There are a lot of keywords and long-tail keywords you can rank for and bring in a ton of extra business if you take the time to learn it all.

Again, Google Analytics is completely free. All you have to do it link in your website and let the tool do its job. Google wants better websites and content for users to find, so if you follow it’s advice and tips, you will no doubt rank high and increase your revenue.

Group Pages on Facebook

Another great tool for independent restaurants to use is the one you probably already are using, but can be using more! That would be none other than Facebook Group Pages.

Facebook offers its users the opportunity to create and manage their own group pages. More often than not, there are multiple group pages on Facebook for your area. More than that, there is more than likely Facebook Group Pages about the restaurants in your area or respective city. They are not hard to find or to join, but they can be a great source of exposure if you can join them and leave valuable comments.

Other than comments, you can leave status updates about your restaurant, specials, or features that you would like the community to know about! Most importantly, these are great places to post about fundraisers, special events or big changes happening with your location. People love this stuff and appreciate the updates, just don’t abuse the group and try to contribute to the chats.

To-Go Marketplace

The last tool that every single small business or independent restaurant needs to utilize is an online To-Go Marketplace.

There are a bunch of these online marketplaces, but they usually all have one thing in common – high fees. It is important to find one that has reasonable fees and offers you a service you can not get anywhere else. There are two specifically I want to mention, and the first one is a online ordering solution for your customers called ChowNow.

Chownow is a great option for Atlanta restaurants looking to have online ordering as an option for their restaurant only. They have a low monthly fee and they take care of everything for you to give your customers the option for online ordering! No more pesky phone calls or spam, just send your customers online to your personal website and app for them to order. It does come with a small monthly fee, but it is worth it to give your customers the option to order online.

Another option that allows online ordering, but will give you exposure to a larger market is our app, AppyMeal!

AppyMeal is an online To-Go marketplace that will help users, looking for a bite, find your location through the app! We also have extremely low fees with no monthly flat fee. We don’t make money until you do is the way we operate. In addition, our professional team works directly with you to make sure you have all the tools and options available to you to make your business a huge success!

Online Tools Atlanta Restaurants Need

Here is our list of 5 Online Tools Atlanta Restaurants Need and should be using right now! Thanks for reading, and make sure you use every opportunity you can to capitalize on this digital age. You can never do too much to increase your chances of bringing in that new customer that could become a life time one.