Atlanta Restaurants 5 Star

Atlanta Restaurants 5 Star Experience

Owning a restaurant is difficult, but even more difficult is giving the Atlanta Restaurants 5 Star experience to every single person that comes through the door. In this post we are going to talk about 5 things a restaurant can to do offer the 5 star experience and get higher review ratings, more exposure through Google ranking, and customers coming back for more.

Lets dive into it on this AppyMeal tips & tricks post for local restaurants.

Atlanta Restaurants 5 Star

The Atlanta area is constantly growing.

As more and more people continue to folk to this area for the big city feel in a southern way, restaurants will continue to open up to serve them.

Although with more people looking to spend money on a meal, there will no doubt be tougher competition that enters the space looking to take some of that revenue.

We’ve already seen chains from across the nation looking to expand into Atlanta and investors flooding the marketing looking for a way into the profits.

On top of all that, the delivery companies and online ordering companies are constantly advertising “Order from here. Order from there.” pushing the market.

So what can a restaurant do to stand out in this market? How can a local spot compete with the “big dawgs”?

Here are 5 tips on how you can not only compete, but get on top of the competition.

5 Tips for 5 Stars

Before we dive into all of the tips, here is a list of what we are going to cover in this post!

Our five tips for local restaurants are:

  • Serve consistently good looking and tasty food
  • Be very active online and in person
  • Clean your restaurant, menus, and kitchen regularly
  • Engage with the local community
  • Make your staff feel appreciated

With the list there, lets dive into what each of these points mean and how we suggest implementing these things in a local restaurant.

Consistently Good Looking & Tasty Food

This is probably the easiest of the tips for restaurants to agree with.

It’s not that hard to realize that good food and presentation are two of the most important things of a customer’s experience. It goes beyond the simplistic nature of just good pretty food though.

There is something to be said about a restaurant that goes above and beyond on even simple dishes. Taking the time to not only make sure the food is fresh and hot, but aesthetically pleasing as well.

We do not want to spend too much time on this tip, since it should be fairly self explanatory.

Active Online & Off

Now most local spots should agree on being actively engaged with their customers in the restaurant.

Maybe the owner takes time to greet every guest, check on every table, or possibly even bring out the food to the tables. While this goes a long way in showing your customers appreciation and making them feel special, it is extremely important to do this online metaphorically as well.

For that reason, we recommend local spots to be actively engaged online in the forums, on their Facebook, on Instagram and even on Twitter. Customers love places that are constantly posting about upcoming features, events, and even simple holiday updates.

This makes customers and new guests feel that your location is alive, thriving and engaged with them. Do not overlook this!

Keep Things Clean

Who has been to a place that looks gross and dirty, but the food tastes great? I think we all have.

While the food might be enough to keep some of the locals and regulars around, it will no doubt deter people from trying or coming back a second time.

There are several things that have to be done in a restaurant to maintain a clean appearance.

  • Hire a weekly cleaner to clean not only the tables and floors but the walls, hangings like paintings, lights, windows, doors, and of course the bathrooms
  • Menus should be kept clean. The best way to do this is train the hostess to clean every menu the moment it is picked up from a table and returned
  • The kitchen should be cleaned nightly, but at a minimum should be deep cleaned once a week. Yes this includes the floors, walls, around the grill, everything

This might sound time consuming, and tedious, but what it will actually does is cause your employees and the owners to respect their establishment more. In turn, you will respect your customers, work and food more resulting in positivity in the work place. Not to mention people will stay healthier, and come back to eat there!

Engage With Community

The fourth tip to getting a five star location is by being engaged with your local community.

Almost every city or county has food fairs, tasting events, or holiday events. This is the absolute perfect time to go out and show people you care. These events will do wonders for not only gaining exposure for your establishment, but showing people you are here to stay and participate with them.

Other great ways to get engaged are by hosting veterans nights, first responder nights, and teacher appreciation nights with discounts involved. Again, do not underestimate the power of community when it comes to locals and how they view your restaurant.

Appreciate Staff

Finally, make sure to appreciate your staff.

There is a tradition in French restaurants and some bistros that the staff eats together before a dinner service.

While you do not need to feed every employee, taking care of them and making sure they have been fed is different. Employees that are cared for will in result care for you and your business more. Teaching people from the top down how to treat people, how to care, and how to serve others is the best way to train them.

Owners should be showing their employees how to treat their guests. By doing this you accomplish two main things.

  1. Employees will turn over less frequently resulting in better trained staff sticking around
  2. Word of mouth will flow to the community that you care not just about your business but about staff as well

Again, the power of community, word of mouth, and reputation is everything in a local business. It all starts inside the building.

Atlanta Restaurants 5 Star Experience

This concludes our post on the Atlanta Restaurant 5 star experience tips & tricks.

While most of these are basic in theory, they can be quite complicated and difficult to routinely pull off. Therefore, we suggest starting slow. Building the 5 star experience takes time, dedication and commitment not only from just the restaurant owner, but from the entire staff.

If you find you want to expand your online exposure to more clients in the Atlanta area, make sure to checkout our mobile ordering app – AppyMeal. We would love to help you service more of your local community.

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