Best Food In Gwinnett

If you are looking for some of the hottest spots in Gwinnet to eat, then you have come to the right place.

Our app specifically works with the top local restaurants in areas around Atlanta, and Gwinnett county is the first place we launched!

Therefore, we have a pretty good idea of what’s good to eat around there.

Food In Gwinnett

We launched our app in October of 2022 and quickly after launch we got around 6 awesome local spots in Gwinnett to sign on for AppyMeal.

So, we are going to tell you about our favorite spots that you can also order from on our app in this area!

Remember all of these restaurants you are going to see are local spots that are independently owned!

Make sure to try them all out!

Sam’s On Main In Grayson

The first restaurant we want to introduce is called Sam’s on Main in Grayson!

This spot is a hot trending place that serves up delicious Mediterranean food. The owner Sam is awesome, so make sure to try this place out and say hello.

Our favorite thing on the menu is probably the Bourbon Bacon Jam burger!

We also suggest trying out an appetizer of the fried green tomatoes.

Fed’s Bubble

Our second amazing location is a new spot that opened up near the end of 2021.

This location is Fed’s Bubble and is run by the one and only Fed!

An interesting thing about Fed is that he actually ran the kitchen for the Ted’s Montana Grill for over 20 years!

It goes without saying that this guy can cook. He features all kinds of cuisine and even has Philippine Spring rolls which is his specialty.

We suggest trying out a philly with a few spring rolls on the side!

Sake Japanese Steakhouse

Our third hot spot also in the Grayson area is called Sake Japanese Steakhouse!

This location is run by Jhon and his wife. They do a terrific job of keeping their food at an extremely high quality.

We’ve never been disappointed when eating here before. In fact quite the opposite. The food is always wonderful.

We suggest checking this place out one night for hibachi. Although, if you are a sushi lover then you should try their home Sake roll!

Bogie Belle’s

Our fourth spot is a newly opened restaurnat (as of November 2022) named Bogie Belle’s.

This location is in Loganville and run by Linda and her husband.

A fun fact, Linda actually took over the restaurant after her chosen mom decided it was time to retire from restaurant life.

Already this spot is doing amazing and should continue to do so.

Bogie Belle’s serves all types of food including burgers, tacos, breakfast, gyros, phillys, and more!

Our favorite thing on the menu has to be the Western Burger! Make sure to try them out!

Fuji Japanese Express

Finally our last location we are going to cover is in Lawrenceville.

It is called Fuji Japanese Express and it also just opened up as of November 2022.

Fuji features poke bowls, sushi, sashimi and so much more!

We personally love their white tuna poke bowl with a miso soup.

Make sure to stop by and try them out or simply order from AppyMeal!

Food In Gwinnett Review

Thanks for checking out our post for great food in Gwinnett.

We are constantly adding more restaurants on to our app, so make sure to check it out. You can download it HERE.

If you are a local and like to dine in, make sure to support any of these awesome local spots near you.

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