Atlanta Georgia Food Delivery

Atlanta Georgia Food Delivery App Options

These days it seems almost everything is online. From online shopping to food delivery, it is what the market is looking for!

But how do you know what app to use, what online store to setup, or what is the best option?

In this post we are going to focus on the food delivery market specifically in Atlanta Georgia.

Atlanta Georgia Food Delivery

Food delivery is a huge market of itself in Atlanta Georgia.

These days more and more people are making money by simply driving food to and from a location.

Why would people want to do this?

Typically it is for supplemental income. You can set your own schedule, choose your pickups, and manage your revenue!

For the restaurants though, it can be tricky knowing which services to pair with.

Top Apps & What To Look For

What are restaurants looking for then? Which delivery app is the “best” for them to use?

This entirely depends on the needs of the restaurant. There are several online ordering options that typically come with native POS systems mostly for takeout that are completely free. In addition, if they have their own delivery drivers then the restaurants might not have a need for a separate app.

Although, there is a slight problem with this logic.

By only working through your own market, you are lacking additional exposure that can come from using a third party app. Essentially, you are only serving your same customers over and over maintaining but limiting growth severely.

This is where third party apps shine.

They are able to exposure your restaurant to new users daily giving you opportunities for growth. Therefore, lets take a look at some of our favorite delivery apps.

DoorDash Georgia

The first third party app we are going to look at is called DoorDash.

A popular app in Georgia with many benefits to using it.

Besides the clean design, friendly support, and driver system, DoorDash seems to excel at one thing in particular.

That is marketing.

DoorDash is great at marketing not only its own app but the restaurants it serves as well. We have personally heard from tons of locations around Atlanta how many additional orders this app brings them day after day by simply turning it on.

Clearly, this is a huge pro, but there are cons to consider.

DoorDash does charge huge fees for its service. On average a restaurant will pay anywhere from 20% to 35% of the ticket total out to the app. These fees incur from the delivery fee, platform fee, service fee, and advertisement fees.

Now, there are more apps to use that we will look at!

UberEats Atlanta

The second app we recommend restaurants in Atlanta, Georgia look at is UberEats!

Most people have more than likely heard about this one.

UberEats does have different pros and cons than DoorDash from restaurant owners that have used both.

While DoorDash might bring more orders, there are problems with consistency, quality of food, and security of food. We will not get into details, but as you can imagine this does not fly with local owners.

UberEats on the other hand seems to be much more careful and delicate with customers food orders.

This ultimately results in better reviews, experience and returning customers.

The downside to UberEats is that they do not quite measure up to the marketing presence that the other company does limiting the exposure in Atlanta.

Similarly, the fees are about the same for both platforms making them equally expensive.

Lets look at a newer third option on the market.

AppyMeal Atlanta

The third option is actually limited to only local and independently owned restaurants.

This app is called AppyMeal and has several features we think you are going to love.

AppyMeal is a local startup to Atlanta, Georgia, and works directly with restaurants to get them setup and going on their marketplace for free.

Most importantly, their fees are as low as 2% for restaurants that sign up now. That is a huge difference in price from the other apps.

What are some other pros?

AppyMeal, like we said, only works with locals meaning that it consistently supports the local communities. Additionally, the local spots are not having to compete with franchises cluttering the app taking away precious orders and exposure.

What are the main cons?

They are new.

Obviously it will take time for AppyMeal to become a house hold name and therefore the app will not produce as many orders as the other popular apps above. With time, AppyMeal will start to build out its marketing and bring orders to local communities everywhere.

Food Delivery Atlanta Georgia

Thanks for reading this post on Atlanta Georgia food delivery apps. If you are a local restaurant, make sure to check out our app AppyMeal! We only support and work with local spots, so you will never have to compete with franchises or “who can advertise” the most on our app.

You can find us here on the IOS app store if you want to check it out!

Restaurants In Gwinnett County Georgia

Lets Find Restaurants In Gwinnett County Georgia

With our app, we have the opportunity of working with restaurants all around the country.

As we get started though and test out our minimum viable products, we are keeping things “low-key”.

Therefore, we have decided to launch our app slowly in the thriving county of Gwinnett to test things out and get user feedback.

Therefore, we thought it might be good idea to take a look at some of the restaurants in Gwinnett county Georgia that we are working with or looking to work with!

Restaurants In Gwinnett County Georgia

To follow in suit with our app, we are going to focus on only the local spots. That’s right, AppyMeal only works with local restaurants and does not allow franchises onto our app!

What this does is limit the competition and give the local spots the lime light across our app.

But how do we find the best local spots around? Well, there are many ways to do this. Our favorite is to simply visit the town!

Before we visit, we love to take a look online to see who has the best ratings, who has the best looking food, and who the town supports the most.

Socials & Websites

A great way to tell if a restaurant is successful or not is if it ranks well online, and if its socials are booming with followers.

This is not always the case, but 9 times out a 10 a restaurant with thousands and thousands of supporters in a small town is probably doing something right!

We like to think that a successful restaurant has to do with more than just its food. To get people to support your restaurant you need to have community, atmosphere, vibe, great food and sometimes even a great location.

All of this comes together to make some restaurants easier to find than others due to all the hype around them.

So, our job becomes pretty easy. All we have to do is look for those spots that are glowing already, and try to give them the option of saving money on to-go orders!

Our Favorite Spots in Gwinnett County

So then what are some of our favorite spots in Gwinnet county?

Let us tell you!

Here is our list of spots that you can’t miss if you are coming to Gwinnet!

Sam’s On Main Grayson

A great place to kick this post off with has to be the famous Sam’s On Main Grayson! If you’ve never been over to the small town of Grayson then we don’t blame you, but honestly people are missing out.

This small place packs tons of flavor in their local cuisine that is sure to be a pleasant surprise for any new comer trying things out. Sam’s is a featured spot from this area with its perfected Mediterranean food, home town feel, and warm atmosphere.

If you get the pleasure of dining here then make sure to say hey to Sam and try out their house special Prime Rib that is only served Thursday through Saturday!

Sake Japanese & Hibachi Grayson

Our second favorite spot is only a short drive from Sam’s actually. It is a hidden gem in the small town of Grayson as well called Sake Japanese & Hibachi Grayson.

We are always down for sushi & hibachi and this place will deliver on high expectations. They have plenty of special high quality hibachi dishes that include everything from shrimp to lobster along with some awesome dishes for multiple people to split. If you are craving a special premium sushi roll, they have plenty of those to choose from as well.

We suggest trying out their Sake house roll with an order of shrimp hibachi! Make sure to come hungry.

Local On North Duluth

We are finally moving out of Grayson and over to a place called Local On North Duluth! Local On North is a modernish styled restaurant that is family owned which is our favorite kind of restaurant. This is one of those places that just about anyone will love! It has a little bit for each type of eater or guest that makes all feel welcome.

If you have never tried this spot then we suggest kicking off a meal with the bruschetta for a starter. Then rounding that out with their Steak Frites for entrée and pairing that with a delicious cabernet.

Oyster Bay Seafood Cafe Lawrenceville

After our stop in Duluth, lets circle back to the fun town of Lawrenceville. Our spot to try here has to be the Oyster Bay Seafood Cafe Lawrenceville!

A staple in this strong community, this place has stood the test of time by serving locals for decades. Making it the premier place around town to get oysters and enjoy a good drink with friends. This spot in particular is right on the square which means you might want to do some shopping before coming in here and filling up!

Without a doubt we suggest diving into some of their house oysters and trying out one of their fried fish plates to top off your evening.

Strange Taco Bar

A place that knows no limits, Strange Taco Bar Lawrenceville is a place to get funky. This spot is on the Lawrenceville square and hosts some of the most innovative tacos around! I think most people are hesitant to try this place, that is until they do then they can’t stay away. We suggest you check it out for yourself to be the judge!

Our favorite thing on the menu has to be the coconut fried shrimp tacos that are topped with a sweet + spicy sauce and pineapple pico.

Mah Jong Snellville

There has never been a place more appreciated and loved in Snellville then this spot. Mah Jong Snellville is the embodiment of amazing simple Chinese cuisine. That’s it! No tricks, nothing fancy, just really good Chinese food served the way you would expect. Don’t come here expecting home feely service per the usual authentic Chinese restaurant, but they will still surprise you with impeccable tableside service and how fast your meal is prepared.

Our favorite thing on the menu here has to be the honey walnut shrimp. We like to pair that with a few spring rolls and hot tea to round out the meal. We promise you will not be disappointed dining here.

BiBa’s Italian Restaurant Lawrenceville

A family favorite of ours, BiBa’s Italian restaurant Lawrenceville, is our second to last location we are going to cover. This spot has been serving authentic, delicious Italian for decades. You can not go wrong at this place, but make sure you do not eat too many of their freshly made garlic knots before your meal even arrives!

We suggest new comers to go for the chicken parmesan. A classic dish that BiBa’s sure does right. We almost forgot to mention that the portions are huge so bring a friend!

Falling Rabbit Duluth

Lets skip back over to the town of Duluth for our last spot. The Falling Rabbit Duluth has to be one of our most favorite places to visit in the Duluth area. This spot is so unique and fun it is bound to leave you with questions, curiosities, and thrills.

The menu at this place is always changing and evolving, so recommending a dish can be quite difficult. Although, that should not deter anyone from stopping in and giving them a go. This place is a more fine dining experience with a twist and turn on every plate. We think anyone with adventure in their taste buds will find this place home.

Restaurants In Gwinnett County Georgia Post

Thanks for checking out our Restaurants In Gwinnett County Georgia post about some of the top restaurants in this area.

We are constantly looking for the best local spots to add onto our app, so the search is never over for us!

Make sure to try out all of these wonderful places and download our app to order from some of them already!

Download AppyMeal: HERE

Best Food In Gwinnett

If you are looking for some of the hottest spots in Gwinnet to eat, then you have come to the right place.

Our app specifically works with the top local restaurants in areas around Atlanta, and Gwinnett county is the first place we launched!

Therefore, we have a pretty good idea of what’s good to eat around there.

Food In Gwinnett

We launched our app in October of 2022 and quickly after launch we got around 6 awesome local spots in Gwinnett to sign on for AppyMeal.

So, we are going to tell you about our favorite spots that you can also order from on our app in this area!

Remember all of these restaurants you are going to see are local spots that are independently owned!

Make sure to try them all out!

Sam’s On Main In Grayson

The first restaurant we want to introduce is called Sam’s on Main in Grayson!

This spot is a hot trending place that serves up delicious Mediterranean food. The owner Sam is awesome, so make sure to try this place out and say hello.

Our favorite thing on the menu is probably the Bourbon Bacon Jam burger!

We also suggest trying out an appetizer of the fried green tomatoes.

Fed’s Bubble

Our second amazing location is a new spot that opened up near the end of 2021.

This location is Fed’s Bubble and is run by the one and only Fed!

An interesting thing about Fed is that he actually ran the kitchen for the Ted’s Montana Grill for over 20 years!

It goes without saying that this guy can cook. He features all kinds of cuisine and even has Philippine Spring rolls which is his specialty.

We suggest trying out a philly with a few spring rolls on the side!

Sake Japanese Steakhouse

Our third hot spot also in the Grayson area is called Sake Japanese Steakhouse!

This location is run by Jhon and his wife. They do a terrific job of keeping their food at an extremely high quality.

We’ve never been disappointed when eating here before. In fact quite the opposite. The food is always wonderful.

We suggest checking this place out one night for hibachi. Although, if you are a sushi lover then you should try their home Sake roll!

Bogie Belle’s

Our fourth spot is a newly opened restaurnat (as of November 2022) named Bogie Belle’s.

This location is in Loganville and run by Linda and her husband.

A fun fact, Linda actually took over the restaurant after her chosen mom decided it was time to retire from restaurant life.

Already this spot is doing amazing and should continue to do so.

Bogie Belle’s serves all types of food including burgers, tacos, breakfast, gyros, phillys, and more!

Our favorite thing on the menu has to be the Western Burger! Make sure to try them out!

Fuji Japanese Express

Finally our last location we are going to cover is in Lawrenceville.

It is called Fuji Japanese Express and it also just opened up as of November 2022.

Fuji features poke bowls, sushi, sashimi and so much more!

We personally love their white tuna poke bowl with a miso soup.

Make sure to stop by and try them out or simply order from AppyMeal!

Food In Gwinnett Review

Thanks for checking out our post for great food in Gwinnett.

We are constantly adding more restaurants on to our app, so make sure to check it out. You can download it HERE.

If you are a local and like to dine in, make sure to support any of these awesome local spots near you.

AppyMeal App

What Is AppyMeal – Local Marketplace

For all of those new here, we want to clarify a few important questions we get asked daily – what is AppyMeal?


AppyMeal is the first of its kind.

It is an app made by locals for locals. Restaurants that are independently owned or simply locally owned are allowed on the app.

We do not work with franchises. We do not want to commercial the app. We want it to remain as it is. A local app for local restaurants.


Now what do we do for the restaurants?

Simply AppyMeal enables them to take and receive online orders through the app. This is accomplished by providing them a tablet, stand, charger, case, and anything else they might need to work through our app.

In addition, we are working towards enabling deliveries for restaurants through our app by white labeling DoorDash drive api.

Why Use AppyMeal

Some people have great questions about AppyMeal.

  • Why would I not just call the restaurant?

From what we have found, some customers actually want to order through an app. They want frictionless interaction. They want to place their order and pick it up without any hassle whatsoever. Apps are increasingly growing in usage and reliability for businesses.

  • Why would a restaurant not create their own online menu or go through their POS for online orders?

They should do both of those things! We must be clear, AppyMeal is not necessarily a replacement for your own online ordering systems or delivery systems. It is simply an additional marketplace to give local spots exposure and more market presence. We advise all of our restaurants to use every avenue available to them for success. AppyMeal aims to simply support the local communities by providing additional revenue from those that love to support their community.

  • I bet it is expensive

Quite the opposite. AppyMeal has no monthly fee, no startup fee, and the only thing we take is a small percentage per order. So, you do not pay anything if you do not make anything! This allows us to on-board more restaurants and retain them as we continue to grow our marketplace. Mainly because it does not cost anything to work with us! We take the time to get to know you, support you, and invest in you. That’s how business should be done.

Download AppyMeal

Where to download the app?

Currently we are only on IOS via the apple store. We are very excited to be there as well.

We have plans to expand to the Google play store and have a web function app as well. This will allow more users to place orders however pleases them. For now, please download our app and check it out!

We appreciate feedback, ideas, reviews and especially orders!

Where Is AppyMeal Available?

Currently, we are expanding across the north Atlanta area. Right now we are focusing on Gwinnett and Marietta areas due to strong support.

As we continue to expand and grow, we have plans to add restaurants all around Atlanta and northern Georgia.

In addition, we have many plans for growth and expansion in the future elsewhere, so please reach out if you are interested in helping the team, project or funding!

When Did AppyMeal Start?

AppyMeal started in 2019 with the idea of helping restaurants cut costs on online orders and deliveries.

Over the years the idea grew into what it is today, and App for local restaurants that is ready to go!

We hope you like it.

How Can You Help?

Surprisingly we get this question a lot.

People want to know how they can help us in our mission to keep things local.

First, download the app and support the restaurants already on it by ordering.

Second, tell a friend. Let people know about the app and our mission to keep things local.

Finally, follow us on our social media pages!

We love comments, likes, and responses. Every bit helps when we learn what our users are thinking!

AppyMeal App

Thanks for reading all about the AppyMeal app and your help in keeping things local.

Here is where you can download the app for IOS: DOWNLOAD HERE