Dev Diary Update #1

Creating a startup is never easy and there are things that you can only possibly learn by making the mistake first.

Today we learned the importance of managing packages and how you should only import, use, or yarn add packages that are maintained. 

This came about because we tried to use a package to hash passwords, but it had been left idle since 2019 causing multiple issues when downloaded with our other dependencies and ultimately crashing our app. 

This is a common problem in development, and only reminds us that there are never enough solutions or coders out there.

Besides the minor set back, we still managed to accomplish plenty of things.

Our checklist continues to grow, but here are a few things we accomplished today:

1) testing hashing packages

  a) finding one that works (npm expo-crypto) highly recommend

  b) adding it to our code for new registered users and on a login server call to prevent us from storing or sending user passwords

  c) testing this several times while managing our async functions to properly make sure the hash is “waited on”. Managing async functions and promises will continue to always be the most agonizing thing to do in our code.

2) built out a forgot password screen and functions to make it work

  a) added navigation and screens (necessary files)

  b) pulled in boiler plate and modified to fit a forgot password screen with simple email entry (photo provided in post)

  c) added styling and tested that bad boy. 

Now we just need to fixed the boiler plate email to be a little bit more… professional. 

 3) added dynamic counter to the cart tab to reflect items in cart

  a) added styling (using a color.js file to manage colors throughout our app. Makes life simple.

  b) tested and approved

It was a busy session, but everyday we continue to check off things from our “ready to launch” list and get closer to helping restaurants everywhere save on to-go orders.