How Restaurants can Increase Revenue

How Atlanta Restaurants Can Increase Revenue

With every dollar meaning even more than ever for restaurants in Atlanta, we want to look into a few ways for them to make some extra cash. It is important to maximize your revenue sources and we think we have some tricks for you to do that! Most importantly, you can do most of these we’ve listed without much of a financial investment at all!

We understand how important it is to make sure every dollar goes as far as possible. It is not easy running a small business after all. Therefore, here are our top 5 ways we have found Atlanta restaurants can increase their revenue.

Host a Special Event

This might seem silly right now, but this is a great way to increase revenue and exposure for your restaurant. During Covid there were a few restaurants giving our toilet paper or baby wipes in order to bring people to their store. This was a great marketing idea and let the community know they cared!

Another idea is to host an event for first responders, veterans, or simply have a music night. People love the feeling of community and anyways you are contributing to that, will typically pay in increased revenue.

The main idea is not to be shy! Sometime you have to do a little bit more to show people, hey we mean business. Not just for food though, but for the entire community around us. Show people how much you care.

Find An Influencer

More often than not, your small town has a few of these people around. It could be a professional athlete, a musician, congressman, or even a blogger.

It is probably best to figure out who these people are, and invite them in for a free meal! I do not know anyone who can turn down a free meal, but it’s best to get to know who is important in your town.

An influencer can go a long way in spreading the word about your business. You want them to not only come in and try your food, but have a great experience. Treat them like family, and they more often than not return the favor. The number one way to increase revenue is to increase exposure, so go find out whose popular in your area!

Join Social Media Groups

Every town just about has an online page or a directory. It is time you joined it!

I know a few towns around Gwinnett have Facebook groups where people can go on and chat. More specifically, the groups are used to ask questions about restaurants, make comments on food, or leave full reviews on their experiences.

These small groups are great to get some free exposure or simply put out a little message. Even if you just go on the groups and leave a few comments referring to other restaurants positively, it could go a long way for your restaurant’s reputation.

Make sure to take the time to search through the Facebook Groups because I see a lot of action on those between locals.

Provide For Other Local Businesses

This is a niche way to increase revenue, but if you can do it then you are in luck.

For this to work, you will probably need to have some type of product that you prepare or make that other restaurants can sell around town. For instance, maybe you bake bread every morning that a sandwich shop can use. This is a simple way to make a little extra money from your business on a consistent basis.

Join To-Go Marketplace

Our last great way for Atlanta Restaurants to increase their revenue is to join a To-Go Marketplace!

Luckily, you are in just the right spot. To-Go Marketplaces can get boost To-Go sales without filling out your dining room. This is great for those off hours when maybe your kitchen isn’t as busy during rush hours.

They are also perfect for getting the word out about your location! On the Marketplaces users get to find you without having to see your physical location first. A lot of time this is how restaurants pull in new customers with online marketing or marketplace exposure.

If you are interested in joining one of these local marketplaces, check out the AppyMeal App and start increasing your revenue and exposure today!

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