Local Partners

Since we are a local business that deals with local restaurants, we are always looking to branch out and meet other local companies or individuals we can work with.

If you fit this category and have an idea for some way we can work together, then send us an email!

No thought or idea goes un-welcomed over at AppyMeal, so don’t be a stranger. Seriously, we have some pretty crazy ideas ourselves already in the works. Two crazy ideas are better than just one right? Help us come up with more!

At the very least, we might be able to shoot you in the right direction or connect you with one of our affiliates if we feel the opportunity is not well suited for AppyMeal. Don’t worry, we’ll still do what we can to make you Appy.

For more information and to get in contact with the Appy Team, please send an Email to:


Along with the email, please provide:

  • First and last name
  • Information on your idea or opportunity
  • Company you work for or own
  • Favorite local spot so we can add them to our app for you!