Local Restaurants

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Marketplace Requirements

Due to our philosophies and motives behind building the AppyMeal app, there are some requirements restaurants need to meet and follow in order to qualify to become apart of our marketplace.

1. Only Local And Independent Restaurants

This basically means we do not want large franchises (10+ locations) coming onto the marketplace and creating unwanted competition. The point of the app is to host a marketplace for the locals to find and experience the hidden gems each town has to offer.

For example, we may allow some smaller franchises that have between 2-6 locations because we still consider those to be important parts of their respective communities. At the end of the day, AppyMeal LLC reserves the right to allow or deny anyone or any business access to the app services or marketplace for any reason.

2. Agree to All Fees

The platform only works as a basic incentive structure for the users if everyone agrees to do so. As the transactions are processed through the app, the fees are automatically taken out on the backend for simplicity. By using AppyMeal services, signing up, or selling To-Go orders through our app, you agree to the fees listed in the business agreement.

While you agree to the 3 separate fees, AppyMeal assures you that there will be no additional fees incurred unless there is an agreed upon customization that requires extensive work, or if there are additional services the restaurant requests to better serve it’s customers from a third party provider. In general, we aim to keep fees as low as we can in order to promote growth in your business!

AppyMeal App

AppyMeal is unlike anything else on the market right now in terms of To-Go options. We aim to incentivize businesses with low fees and great service, while promoting our internal marketplace with a standard discount to bring new users for growth and exposure. The ideas behind the app were simple:

If people are supposed to pay for delivery, then they should receive a discount for picking the food up themselves!

This idea came to us by speaking with small businesses. Quickly from our conversations we realized one thing – you guys hate the Delivery and To-Go companies on the market right now! Either the food is compromised, the fees are too high, or they simply do not give you the respect you deserve. We aim to fix all of that. We’ve done our research, and we are confident that our app and business model will appeal to all restaurants.

AppyMeal Fees

The fees on AppyMeal are on a per transaction basis and split into 2 easily distinguishable sections:

  1. Payment Processing Fee – Variable
  2. Service Fee

Restaurants on the AppyMeal app are responsible for all of the fees above. As a reminder, there is also a 3 month grace period for new restaurants joining the app where there are no Service Fees.

Payment Processing Fee

Before any order is confirmed or sent to the respective restaurant, the user must pay for the order through the app check out. This keeps people from sending in fake orders, spamming the app, or simply taking advantage of the restaurant. Our third party payment processor has variable rates depending on the payment method. The restaurant is responsible for these fee’s but from what we have gathered, these fees should be between 2% – 4% on average.

Service Fee

The service fee is what AppyMeal retains in order to continue developing, growing the marketplace, and becoming a community leader for local restaurants everywhere. As mentioned above, this fee is excluded for the first 3 months for any restaurant new to the marketplace. In addition to the grace period, all of the on-boarding and POS system setup.

After the 3 month grace period, the service fee kicks in at a flat rate that is incurred per transaction. That means if you do not get orders, you do not pay anything!


Upon joining the AppyMeal marketplace, you will be given a Server and an Admin account to manage your marketplace store.

Server Account

This is the account that the person responsible for taking and confirming orders will log into. From the server backend view you see orders displayed and the respective order number, name for the order, telephone number, date, and time stamp for each order. Servers have the ability to open up each order, enter the order into the restaurants POS, confirm an order was picked up, and even set wait times if there are kitchen delays.

We also aim to implement a texting option straight from the app if there is a problem with an order or a delay that needs to be communicated to the customer.

Admin Account

The Admin account is for the restaurant owner/manager and should not be given out to staff. This account will allow the owner/manager to add menu items, update the menu, add specials, update the specials, set on and off hours, toggle the restaurant off, and many more features.

In addition, this will be the account that will have access to the backend statistics, revenue layout, fees, and personal reviews once implemented.


As mentioned, on-boarding is completely free. We will need a few pieces of information from your business like menu specifics, photos, account information, and preferred setup options. During the on-boarding, you will also receive one of our “To-Go” boxes which contains your POS system. Again, this comes at no charge and contains a few items you will need to help your business succeed. The To-Go box includes a brand new Ipad mini, industry stand for ease of use, 2M apple charging cord, professional window sticker, and more! We want to make sure you have all the tools necessary for your success. If anything is missing or if you need addition supplies, just let us know!

Again, the on-boarding and POS system comes at no charge. We believe that making an investment into your business now, will return benefits for both your business long-term and the AppyMeal marketplace. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you and your customers.

Join AppyMeal!

If you meet all of the marketplace requirements and like the way the app is structured, then we would absolutely love for you to join the AppyMeal family! We strive to find new innovative ways to help businesses grow, gain exposure and increase their revenue. We hope through our app, we can accomplish all of those goals together!