Management Tips To Improve A Restaurant

Management Tips To Improve A Restaurant – Atlanta Small Business

Leading a team of anything can be quite challenging. Daily you have to be motivating for your team to work hard and be productive, while being motivated yourself to do your work efficiently. Not everyone is cut out to be a leader, especially not a leader for an independent restaurant!

On top of that, restaurant managers have to usually gain a host of other skills in the kitchen, in the office, and they need to be great with people. Managing a restaurant really makes for a difficult job if not handled properly by a person of many talents.

For those reasons, we want to add a few tips that restaurant managers might need to remember. These are tips that managers no doubt have heard before, but we want to cover them again to ingrain the importance of them when trying to direct the ship in the right direction. Therefore, here are our 5 Management Tips To Improve A Restaurant!

Promote Transparency

Everyone knows that a leader needs to promote transparency throughout the business to remain respected.

That means they need to be transparent with the back of the house, front of the house, other managers, owners and try their best to be with the customers as well. By leading with transparency, it invokes an understand of respect from trusting your co-workers with the truth. This will go a long way when things go wrong in the restaurant.

It is vitally important for your cohorts to trust you with everything that goes on not only at work, but in their personal lives as well. Transparency means being open, and included in that stands a degree of vulnerability. This is appreciated from everyone under any circumstance, but especially in the heat of the restaurant world.

Plan Ahead To Succeed

Once you have established a community of transparency and trust, the sky is the limit. Although, if your team does not have the tools they need to do their jobs properly, it won’t matter anyways.

You have to plan ahead to succeed. This is one of the manager’s sole duties – to make sure that not only does the restaurant run smoothly, but that they have the tools, inventory and training to execute their jobs and positions adequately. This means there is plenty of food prepped for the back of the house, the proper amount of staff in the front of the house, and a consistent form of support from the manager.

Without cooperation and diligence from an entire prepared team, the manager’s efforts will be in vain. Make sure you are always on top of the necessary items like inventory, and staff. Constantly, look for good hires in case someone leaves suddenly or becomes unavailable, and constantly check the inventory in case something is missed or unaccounted for. This is apart of the job that never ends.

Hand Out Tasks

With the correct amount of staff and food in the back, it’s time to make sure everyone knows their job.

Most importantly, that they know what their job is for the day. With each restaurant these duties change, but for the most part they are relatively consistent. For example, every back of the house has prep and cleaning duties. Every kitchen staff needs to know the rotation and the timing to start the duties at reasonable hours. You never want this to be undecided or unscheduled because that is when people end up staying to long past their shifts.

Same with the front of the house. There is always a sufficient amount of prep work for any restaurant to open on time. Likewise, the closers need to know who they are and when to start cutting team members to go home. This is solely the mangers responsibility to monitor and set up clear guidelines to how these duties are to be orchestrated. At the end of the day if these tasks do not get done, it is the managers fault for not checking or clearly communicating the required measures.

Lead By Example

A good manager will always lead the way by showing others how to act professionally under any circumstance. In a restaurant, this can be demonstrated in many ways, but simply it means, lead by example.

Your peers will judge your every action. If things go wrong, they will look to see how you handle it first. For example, a customer could be upset due to their order coming out wrong. Your peers will reproduce how you mange that situation. If you do it poorly, chances are they will too.

Unfortunately, you can not control people, their actions, or if they care or not about their jobs at the end of the day. All you can do is show them how to care, how to preform, and hope they figure the rest out themselves. As the manager, make sure everything you do in the business leads to exhibiting excellence for your peers to learn from.

Customer Satisfaction Comes First

With excellence, comes understanding how a restaurant is run. The customer needs to always be in the forefront of your focus to make sure the restaurant maintains a positive reputation and review.

It is heavily president to set a culture of putting the customer first. This needs to be the case for the back of the house and the front of the house. If food comes out late, the customer and the waiter suffer together. Therefore, the duty will mainly fall on the kitchen to preform under the stress of busy hours and harsh conditions. The manger must maintain control at all times of the kitchen timing and efficiency. If salads are not coming out before meals, sides are cold, or quick fires are not “quick”, the manager might need to do some re-arranging in the back of house to fix the issue.

In the front of the house, the waiters have to understand how to calmly express problems, work to find solutions, and be thankful for the customer’s patience, not sorry the food come out incorrectly. A manager should be demonstrating these skills daily to instill them into your waiters. Remember a majority of waiters are college kids who really have little to no work experience. It takes coaching, care and patience to groom them. In particular, take the time and invest in your staff, it always pays off.

Management Tips To Improve A Restaurant

Thanks for reading our Management Tips To Improve A Restaurant! There are a million ways to make your business more efficient and productive, but only you will ultimately know those ways. Every experience and challenge offers us a chance to grow, make sure your staff grows with you!

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