Online Marketing Strategy For Atlanta Restaurants

Online Marketing Strategy For Atlanta Restaurants – How To

Since a lot of the market is moving to delivery and to-go services, it is more important than ever for Atlanta restaurants to have a strong online presence. This includes multiple things, but what it really boils down to is – can people find your business online?

Say your restaurant is call Zach’s Sandwich Shop! Great name if I do say so myself, but when I go onto Google and type in “Sandwich shops near me” does my business come up? If not, then I probably need to get a stronger online marketing strategy. Because, this is exactly what new customers, that have never been to my shop, are going to be searching for.

Target Audience

Now, as you develop your online marketing strategy, you need to make sure to understand your target audience. For example, if I have a toy store called Zach’s toy shop, another great name I know, then I need to make sure my online marketing strategy is targeting parents with young children. Simple to understand when I say it like that, but it can be difficult to understand your target audience as a restaurant.

More than likely, your business does cater to a specific niche of people. Maybe you are in a business district and at lunch time you cater to mostly business men and women. That would be a good observation! Now you know who to focus on in your online marketing strategy.

For example, you could send the local businesses 10% off coupons to share with their employees. This is a great way to get your name tossed around inside the business culture without having to do much work at all.

Make An Order

The next tip to consider is – what is your goal with an online marketing strategy? Well, I hope your goal would be to make more sales for your restaurant. Simple right? Well, if you are constantly sending people to your Facebook page or to blog posts, they might not get to that point. By sending people to the wrong places, you could be potentially losing customers.

First rule of online marketing is to send people where you want them to go – for you that is your online ordering system or directions to your restaurant with a menu. For instance, when you post on your socials or do an online ad, don’t send people to your website or your Facebook page with no further instructions. Instead send them directly to your online ordering system or give them a phone number to call now to place an order with a link to your menu nearby. Because, you want them to make an order or come into your restaurant to place pick one up, not read about your restaurant or leave a comment on your Facebook page.

These things are nice, but sometimes those things can be distractions for people that get them away from placing an order. Remember, people online have short attention spans and you need to take advantage of the time they do give you.

Pick a Side

Now that we have those two things covered – find your target Audience and direct them to make an order, we have one more thing to dive into before you can go out there and advertise to the world. What about your message? This may seem silly to think about, but what kind of message or reputation do you want your restaurant to portray?

For example, everyone has seen the GoDaddy commercials of Danica Patrick. Although if you have not, then you really are not missing much. The marketing strategy that GoDaddy chose was to sexualize their product in their commercials.

While this is never the preferred method of approach – the funny thing is that it worked! Not only did it work, but they are pretty much the largest domain provider on the market now in their industry. While this is only an example, it really shows the power of picking a side or strategy and running with it full force.

Create Funny Content

These days it seems funny content is king. We have all seen the iconic bud light commercials with the bud light king or even the farmer’s commercials that say – ” We know a thing or two, because we’ve seen a thing or two. ” These are great examples of subliminal messaging put into the commercials that are entertaining, engaging, and still leave the message of what the product is.

Now, as a restaurant it might be more difficult to create funny and engaging content, but it can be done! Find a funny story to tell, or maybe create a funny narrative to go with your brand. These things will catch on and could potentially even make you go viral if done properly.

Execute Daily

Once you know what kind of content you want to create to attract new customers either through Facebook ads or in flyers, it is time to execute. Remember, you will not see results from your marketing right away. More often than not, it takes months of consistent marketing before you start to reap the benefits of these strategies. For that reason, start today!

Don’t wait any longer to start marketing your Atlanta restaurant. Start today and see your revenue and exposure grow sooner than later!

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