AppyMeal Terms and Conditions

By using AppyMeal services in any way including but not limited to:

  • Ordering through the app
  • Signing up or creating an account
  • Inputting information to our website or App
  • Creating a business agreement with AppyMeal LLC
  • Creating a partnership agreement with AppyMeal LLC
  • Any form of service used by AppyMeal LLC or affiliates

You responsible and accountable to our terms and conditions policy which can be easily downloaded below. Complete knowledge of the document is left trusted to the user, individual, business, partner, or affiliate using AppyMeal LLC services. Upon using any AppyMeal LLC services, websites, applications, you are agreeing to adhere to the terms and conditions policy in full.

Infringement of this policy could result in termination of:

  • User account
  • Platform discount privileges
  • Business Agreements
  • Business Partnerships
  • Any service provided by AppyMeal LLC or affiliates

Download AppyMeal LLC terms and conditions document below: