foods georgia is known for

Welcome to another foodie friendly post! We are all about dishes, dining, and desserts. Therefore, we have decided to quickly write about some of the delicious and different foods Georgia is known for.

Foods Georgia Is Known For

Georgia, known for many things, is not always recognized as a food staple of the south.

Although, we think that is not fair because of all the Foods Georgia is known for locally. So, we are going to dig in and show you some things people not from here are missing out on.

There are several different types of foods we want to cover, so we are going to dive in and answer several questions about foods Georgia is known for!

What food is Georgia most known for producing?

This would undoubtedly be Peaches! Given that Georgia is referred to as the Peach State, it would come to no surprise that most people think Peaches when they think Georgia.

There are two main commercial regions in Georgia where Peaches are grown. The first is called the central region. It is the largest region with over 1.6 million peach trees. This area accounts for over 75% of the state’s Peach production. The second region is known as the southern region. This area can produce around 30 million pounds of peaches per year! That’s a lot of peaches.

All of this accounted for is almost $100 million in revenue for the state making it a very lucrative industry alone.

What desserts are Georgia known for?

Since we’ve covered a fruit, it is only natural to talk about dessert right?

Georgia is actually most known for its Pecan Pie that can be found in restaurants and stores across the state!

There is even a “Georgian” styled Pecan Pie. It is described as having a sweet custardy filling that is topped with caramelized pecans and rounded out with a flaky pastry crust. The inside resembles a delicious molasses that will give any sweet tooth a kick.

It’s common for households to bake their own on holidays for friends and family to enjoy!

What fast food is Georgia known for?

Another hot topic is the fast food around the state.

While it is true that Georgia has the classic McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy’s it also has other chains that locals would say far out weigh the others.

A big hit around the Atlanta area was the Zaxby’s chain that promotes fried chicken in all forms! Similar to its counterpart Chick-fil-A both of these establishments can be found all over the state dominating the market.

It is true that Georgian’s love their fried chicken.

What is the most popular local food in Georgia?

As you can guess, the most popular local food is southern comfort food around Georgia.

You can’t go anywhere in this state without finding a good local southern restaurant that has some amazing mac n cheese, collard greens, creamed corn and more classics for locals to enjoy!

In addition, this place thrives with amazing BBQ spots that will make anyone from the Carolina’s jealous.

What is the most popular side dish in Gerogia?

This is an easy one for those that live around here.

Just about everyone and their mother loves a side dish of fried okra. It practically flies off the shelves in stores and is featured in locations across the state.

In addition, fried okra is very common in households and businesses alike for holidays and events. Every momma in this area knowns how to whip up a dish of fried okra.

What do people drink in Georgia?

This is another easy question. You practically cannot, and we mean cannot have a restaurant, party or event with out these two drinks.

Those would be Coke and Sweet Tea. The two southern classics will make any group of people happy happy happy.

You better not bring only unsweet tea or Pepsi to a party. You will probably be thrown out.

Foods Of Georgia

Thanks for reading our post on foods Georgia is known for! We hope you enjoyed our little treats and dishes from the Peach state.

If you have the chance, make sure to visit Georgia to experience all of the amazing cuisine this southern paradise represents!