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What Is AppyMeal – Local Marketplace

For all of those new here, we want to clarify a few important questions we get asked daily – what is AppyMeal?


AppyMeal is the first of its kind.

It is an app made by locals for locals. Restaurants that are independently owned or simply locally owned are allowed on the app.

We do not work with franchises. We do not want to commercial the app. We want it to remain as it is. A local app for local restaurants.


Now what do we do for the restaurants?

Simply AppyMeal enables them to take and receive online orders through the app. This is accomplished by providing them a tablet, stand, charger, case, and anything else they might need to work through our app.

In addition, we are working towards enabling deliveries for restaurants through our app by white labeling DoorDash drive api.

Why Use AppyMeal

Some people have great questions about AppyMeal.

  • Why would I not just call the restaurant?

From what we have found, some customers actually want to order through an app. They want frictionless interaction. They want to place their order and pick it up without any hassle whatsoever. Apps are increasingly growing in usage and reliability for businesses.

  • Why would a restaurant not create their own online menu or go through their POS for online orders?

They should do both of those things! We must be clear, AppyMeal is not necessarily a replacement for your own online ordering systems or delivery systems. It is simply an additional marketplace to give local spots exposure and more market presence. We advise all of our restaurants to use every avenue available to them for success. AppyMeal aims to simply support the local communities by providing additional revenue from those that love to support their community.

  • I bet it is expensive

Quite the opposite. AppyMeal has no monthly fee, no startup fee, and the only thing we take is a small percentage per order. So, you do not pay anything if you do not make anything! This allows us to on-board more restaurants and retain them as we continue to grow our marketplace. Mainly because it does not cost anything to work with us! We take the time to get to know you, support you, and invest in you. That’s how business should be done.

Download AppyMeal

Where to download the app?

Currently we are only on IOS via the apple store. We are very excited to be there as well.

We have plans to expand to the Google play store and have a web function app as well. This will allow more users to place orders however pleases them. For now, please download our app and check it out!

We appreciate feedback, ideas, reviews and especially orders!

Where Is AppyMeal Available?

Currently, we are expanding across the north Atlanta area. Right now we are focusing on Gwinnett and Marietta areas due to strong support.

As we continue to expand and grow, we have plans to add restaurants all around Atlanta and northern Georgia.

In addition, we have many plans for growth and expansion in the future elsewhere, so please reach out if you are interested in helping the team, project or funding!

When Did AppyMeal Start?

AppyMeal started in 2019 with the idea of helping restaurants cut costs on online orders and deliveries.

Over the years the idea grew into what it is today, and App for local restaurants that is ready to go!

We hope you like it.

How Can You Help?

Surprisingly we get this question a lot.

People want to know how they can help us in our mission to keep things local.

First, download the app and support the restaurants already on it by ordering.

Second, tell a friend. Let people know about the app and our mission to keep things local.

Finally, follow us on our social media pages!

We love comments, likes, and responses. Every bit helps when we learn what our users are thinking!

AppyMeal App

Thanks for reading all about the AppyMeal app and your help in keeping things local.

Here is where you can download the app for IOS: DOWNLOAD HERE