which delivery app is cheapest

Which Delivery App Is Cheapest

Everyday thousands of people around Atlanta ask the same question of, which delivery app is cheapest?

Another common one is, how can I get food delivered to me at a reasonable price?

Well, that is what we are going to dive into in this post!

Delivery Apps In Atlanta

There are a ton of delivery apps and online ordering platforms currently on the market. Therefore, we decided to go over a couple of them to try and help users and restaurants potentially figure out which one is the best to use!

Lets go ahead and dive into our first app we will take a look at called DoorDash.

DoorDash Delivery

A common app for delivery and online ordering, DoorDash, is probably the most popular app on the market right now.

This app features delivery for all kind of restaurants even if they are not necessarily signed up for DoorDash.

The only issue with DoorDash is the pricing. The pricing on the app can be inflated generally by 20%-30% of the normal menu prices you would get if you called the restaurant directly.

In addition, they will tack on a delivery fee and generally expect a tip for drivers as well.

Clearly this can add up and cost both the restaurant and user a lot more than needed. The great thing about DoorDash is that almost always have some discount or promotion going on meaning you can save a few dollars here and there.

Grubhub Delivery

The next app we are going to look at is called Grubhub.

Another popular app that plenty of people use. Although, Grubhub does not seem to be as popular around Atlanta compared to some of its larger counter parts.

Like DoorDash, this app will generally show inflated prices across its platform some even as high as 35% over the normal ticket amounts.

While their delivery fees are generally a tad lower than competitors, this still adds up to an expensive delivery meal for the users and restaurants after the fact.

ChowNow Delivery

Lets look at an online ordering platform that features delivery for some restaurants if they offer it.

ChowNow a popular choice for restaurants to host online menus, handle deliveries and even host websites sometimes can be tricky.

This service typically does not cost anything to use for a user, but will generally cost several hundred dollars a month for the restaurant.

For the user, ChowNow will typically white label DoorDash delivery and pass on all fees to the user resulting in a pricey delivery fee, but cheaper than some of the other apps mentioned above.

AppyMeal Delivery

Finally, we have our app that we designed called AppyMeal.

Our app features only local and independently owned restaurants to try and keep things… well local.

Currently, we have no monthly fee or on-boarding fee for restaurants because we want them to retain as much profit as possible. Instead of charging restaurants hundreds of dollars a month for our service, we only make money if we bring the restaurant orders.

Additionally, we will offer delivery white labeled through DoorDash like ChowNow with the goal of having our own delivery drivers by the end of 2023 saving users and restaurants even more.

Make sure to checkout the AppyMeal app today to save money and help us keep things local!

Cheap Delivery Apps

Thanks for checking out our post on which delivery app is cheapest. We are super excited to serve food to all and continue our journey of promoting an app for locals like us.

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